Your home’s outdoor space should be an oasis, a place where you can relax after hectic work days, grill up some burgers on lazy Sunday afternoons, and sip cold beverages with friends on balmy summer nights.

If your deck or patio isn’t as comfortable, stylish, or functional as you’d like it to be, then perhaps it’s time to consider giving it a makeover.

Redecorating your outdoor space doesn’t have to be a lengthy and expensive process. “An outdoor space can become whatever you make of it,” according to an article for Real Simple. Something as easy as strategically arranging a few comfortable chairs and a small table in your outdoor space can instantly create an area that inspires conversation, for example.

Follow these additional 10 tips for sprucing up your outdoor space:

  1. Make a Plan

“A patio can be a hot slab of concrete baking in the sun—or it can be a welcoming extension of the house, calling you outdoors to enjoy cool breezes and fresh air,” according to an article for Better Homes and Gardens. “With a little planning, you can make your patio a comfortable seasonal room.”

A lack of planning is a common issue when it comes to creating comfortable and attractive outdoor spaces. Before you commit to any color schemes or purchase any new items, make sure you’ve clearly defined your goals and outlined a course of action, suggests Matt Blashaw, host of DIY Network’s “Yard Crashers,” in an article for Determine what spaces you need, such as an eating area, a cooking area, a shady lounging area, and a play area, and then start working from there.


  1. Think Comfort and Function

When you’re shopping for affordable outdoor furniture, choose pieces that not only look good and feel comfortable, but that will withstand the weather as well. “The old adage ‘you get what you pay for’ is true for patio furniture,” according to another article for Better Homes and Gardens. Consider investing in high-quality furniture made from weather-resistant materials such as aluminum, teak, cedar, and all-weather wicker. “Furniture made using these forgiving materials will look wonderful for years,” the magazine advises.


  1. Bring the Inside Outside

To create the ultimate cozy outdoor space, use your home’s interior as inspiration. “Approach decorating your seasonal go-to spot as you would your living room or den,” suggests Real Simple. “Welcome the key pieces (sofa, arm chair, fireplace) and then style with personality and colorful flair.”

Don’t be afraid to experiment with accessories that are traditionally considered for indoor use only. An article for Good Housekeeping recommends adding patterned outdoor rugs, throw pillows, cushy couches, chaise longues, and weather-resistant side tables to your outdoor space.


  1. Create a Calming Environment

As your retreat from the world, your deck or patio should be a place of peace and tranquility, and some luxury outdoor furniture in calming colors can provide just the right ambience for you to let your worries and cares slip away for a while. “Opt for neutral color palettes, spare furniture arrangements, and plentiful plantings to fashion serene scenes that match your relaxing and entertaining needs,” recommends Better Homes and Gardens in another article. “Keep it low-maintenance by selecting weatherproof furniture and fabrics and cultivating a garden from easy-care container plantings.”


  1. Be Bold

On the other hand, don’t be afraid to be a bit daring with your outdoor décor. Your deck or patio is the perfect place to experiment with new design ideas and color palettes. “If you don’t have the nerve to use a favorite pattern indoors, bring it outside instead,” writes James Merrell in an article for House Beautiful.

Consider getting a patio furniture set with colorfully patterned cushions, for example, and playing with the idea of using different fabrics and designs. “Mix and match different materials for an informal approach to outdoor dining,” suggests Real Simple. “If you’d rather keep the color on the table, add charm with an assortment of casual chairs in different styles.”


If you prefer a more polished approach to your outdoor space, opt for a monochrome color scheme. Choose your essential pieces, such as your table, chairs, and umbrella, in shades of gray, white, and silver for a sleek, contemporary look.


  1. Accessorize

After you’ve selected your key pieces of furniture, add some additional character to your outdoor space with accent pieces such as plants, statues, fountains, wrought-iron decorations, and weatherproof artwork. Maybe upcycle that old wood coffee table in your garage to give your patio a rustic look. “These touches will turn an ordinary patio or deck into a welcoming, personal space for outdoor living,” says Better Homes and Gardens.

Accessories also are a good way to add pops of color to an otherwise neutral color palette. Consider adding some brightly colored planters or patterned pillows to give your patio some extra pizazz.


  1. Create Shade

If your deck or patio lacks shade, you’ll definitely want to invest in a freestanding or table-inset umbrella to offer you and your guests some relief from the sun. Umbrellas, while having practical application, can boost your patio’s visual appeal as well. “Select umbrella fabrics that complement your patio’s color scheme,” advises Better Homes and Gardens. “Pick patterned umbrella fabrics to jazz up the backyard scene.”


  1. Add Modern Amenities

“Want to stretch your patio usage? Consider adding electric lights, stereo speakers, an outdoor kitchen, and/or a fire pit,” suggests Better Homes and Gardens. A new grill also enhances the look of a deck or patio. Fire pits, whether they’re built-in or moveable, are particularly useful for helping to define an outdoor space. They “also serve to draw people together and can extend the usefulness of an outdoor living room into cooler weather,” according to the magazine.

To take your backyard space to a whole new level of comfort and relaxation, install a hot tub or spa. “For long, relaxing soaks at the end of the day, a hot tub or spa out on the deck is a must-have luxury,” says Better Homes and Gardens. “To determine the best location for the spa, consider privacy, access to the house, and whether you want the tub in sunshine or shade.”


  1. Ensure Your Privacy

Most people prefer not to have an audience while they’re trying to relax in their outdoor space. Indeed, “your outdoor room will feel more like an oasis if it has a sense of enclosure,” according to Better Homes and Gardens. “Fences and garden walls ensure privacy for patios, but you can also use lattice, pergolas, and landscaping to define outdoor spaces and screen views of neighboring houses.”


  1. Get More Bang for Your Buck

Giving your outdoor space a makeover doesn’t have to break the bank. Try focusing on just the most important elements, such as purchasing a high-quality outdoor furniture set, rather than redecorating the entire space. Then strategically weave pops of color or funky patterns into your space using budget-friendly accessories.

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