We live and work in this community, just like you. We see the benefit in giving back every day and are proud to support amazing organizations like United Way, Habitat for Humanity, The American Cancer Society, but we also take pride in our local contributions. Every year, we give to local sports teams, non-profit groups, and other community-focused organizations that have a direct impact here in the Eastern Panhandle. As R.M. Roach & Sons (our sister company) approaches 60 years of service, customers can rest assured that the business will continue its service-focus and community involvement for many generations to come.

Sunfire Energy Solutions is committed to being a good neighbor and doing all we can to improve the lives of our customers and employees through philanthropic and volunteered-supported efforts.

Criteria for Eligibility

Unfortunately, we cannot consider the aid to the following:

  • Individuals (scholarships, stipends, fellowships, personal assistance)
  • For profit ventures
  • Capital campaigns, endowment funds or memorials
  • Lobbying, political or fraternal activities
  • Parties, celebrations, parades, festivals and raffles

Additionally, we cannot consider the following requests:

  • Requests for endorsements, seminars or reunions or any travel costs associated with such for any group or individual.
  • We do not allow any third party marketing material (i.e. flyers, posters, brochures, etc.) to be displayed on the property.
  • We do not allow the use of our properties for fundraising efforts.


Organizations seeking funding must complete the following steps:

  1. Complete the Sponsorship/Charitable Request Form . Sunfire Energy Solutions will only consider completed applications that are received at least  60 days prior to when funds are requested.
  2. All eligible applications will be reviewed by the Corporate Giving Committee and submitted to the Company President for approval.
  3. All applicants will be notified in writing of the Committee’s decision.

Thank you for considering Sunfire Energy Solutions as a potential sponsor for your organization!