Do you dream of coming home from a long day and soaking in your very own hot tub, but aren’t sure how to find the best one for you?


Buying a hot tub, like almost any major purchase, requires thorough research, testing, planning, and preparation. We understand that the process can seem daunting. With so many hot tub options out there, how will you know “the one” when you’ve found it?


There’s no one-size-fits-all rule when it comes to hot tubs. After all, everyone has his or her own tastes and preferences. But with some careful consideration, you can figure out which hot tub will suit you.


Here’s our advice for choosing the best home spa.

Do Your Research

Many shoppers like to begin their hot tub research by familiarizing themselves with the popular brands and models currently on the market. Here at Sunfire Energy Solutions, we exclusively carry hot tubs and accessories by Sundance Spas, the world’s largest manufacturer and distributor of acrylic spas. Our friendly and knowledgeable sales representatives are happy to show you our selection and explain the different features and customization options for each model.


You may want to ask yourself some questions to narrow your options before you start shopping:

  • What’s my budget? Hot tubs range from basic models to deluxe models with high-end features like mood lighting, waterfalls, Bluetooth-enabled stereo systems, and Wi-Fi cloud control systems, which cost a bit extra. Consider what your preferences are, and what you think is worth paying more for. You’ll still get the full benefits of hot tub hydrotherapy with a basic model, of course, but if you want an even more luxurious experience, set a budget that allows you include the extra features you want.


  • What size hot tub do I want? Sundance spas come in many sizes, from small tubs that seat two adults to large tubs that fit up to eight. If you have a large family, or if you like to entertain often, you may find that a large tub suits you best. “A good rule of thumb is 100 gallons per person,” according to this guide from Swim University, an online resource for swimming pool and hot tub care. Also consider the size of the space where you’d like to place your hot tub. For instance, are you planning to install your hot tub indoors? Make sure the model you choose will fit in your home—and through your front door. (We’ll discuss choosing a location for your hot tub in more detail later in this article.)


  • Does it accommodate my family’s needs? Hot tubs vary in size, depth, and seating configurations, so make sure the one you choose fits your family. Does it offer a variety of seat heights to accommodate everyone? If you have kids, you may want to consider a model with a “cool down” seat for them.


  • Lounge seat or no lounge seat? This decision can be tough. “Spas with lounges offer optimum neck-to-feet relief for relaxation or therapy. And, open seating spas have plenty of room for friends and family to gather,” according to Sundance Spas’ guide to choosing your spa. “One test is to consider when you are relaxing on your couch, do you prefer to recline or sit up?”


You’ll likely have questions for your Sunfire sales representative too. Here are some key things to ask:


  • What is the cost to operate? While the operating cost will vary depending on the size of your spa and its capacity, most Sundance hot tubs cost around $13 a month when the temperature is kept at a steady 101 degrees.


  • Is the care and maintenance reasonable? How often does it need to be cleaned? With Sundance spas, water care and maintenance take only a few minutes a week, but you should familiarize yourself with model-specific care instructions before you decide to buy.

Choose a Location

Before you decide on a hot tub, you also should consider where you’d like to put it. Wherever you choose, make sure there’s sufficient room to access all sides of the tub for maintenance and repair.


If you want to place your hot tub outside, you need to find a spot that’s easily accessible and close to both a water source and an electrical hookup. Our technicians can help you determine the ideal placement of your outdoor hot tub, as well as the right kind of foundation for it.


Here are a few more things to keep in mind when deciding where to put your outdoor hot tub:

  • Consider your outdoor space. Look at the angles of your yard to determine where a spa would best fit. “If your yard has an incline, create a terraced garden with the hot tub as the centerpiece,” advises Sundance Spas’ hot tub installation guide. Or do you have an existing deck or patio where you’d like to place your hot tub? “If you choose to put your hot tub on a deck, make sure the deck is reinforced and strong enough to hold the heavy tub,” Swim University advises.


  • You may need to build a walkway. If you put your hot tub somewhere in your yard, you should create a walkway leading to it. “A walkway is key for outdoor tubs,” Swim University advises. “You don’t want to walk through grass, dirt and other debris leading up to your hot tub—those can all end up in the water and cause major problems.”


  • Take privacy into account. If you don’t want an audience while you soak in your hot tub, avoid choosing a location that’s in view of the street or your neighbors’ homes or yards. Consider building a gazebo or a hot tub enclosure, putting up a folding screen, or hanging curtains to escape prying eyes if your deck or yard lacks privacy.


Indoor hot tubs can take a bit more planning. For instance, do you have an existing space for your hot tub, or are you going to build a new room to house it?


In addition to confirming that it will fit inside your home, do the following for an indoor hot tub:

  • Ensure it has the proper foundation. “Most importantly, make sure the floor can support the weight of your hot tub,” Sundance Spas advises. “Place your hot tub on a non-porous surface, and ensure there is a drain to catch splashes and drips. Don’t place your hot tub directly on hardwood floor or carpet.”


  • Make sure it has adequate ventilation. The hot, moist air from your hot tub needs an escape route, so make sure you have a ventilator system in place.


Wherever you want to put your home spa, our expert technicians will make sure it is installed safely and properly.

Spa Shopping at Sunfire Energy Solutions

We are thrilled to be Martinsburg’s official Sundance Spas dealer! We carry an extensive selection of hot tubs and accessories, including covers and water care products, in our 3,500-square-foot showroom. We also offer hot tub installation and maintenance services to make purchasing and maintaining your home spa as easy and hassle-free as possible.


Call us today at 304-267-3029 to learn more about our selection of Sundance spas and their available features and customization options. Or visit our showroom at 301 E. Stephen Street in Martinsburg to browse our collection in person.

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