I called the store on Wednesday, 3 November, to report a problem with my Quadrafire pellet stove. When I got home from work on Thursday, 4 November, there was a message from Kris stating he could come out on the 18th to fix the stove. Kris was extremely friendly, professional, and courteous on the phone. After I described the problem, he told me it was a faulty ingnitor and apologized profusely for the delay in getting it serviced.

I asked if I could replace it myself and he told me that it is relatively easy to do and that he would even give me the part for free and demonstrate how to do it when I got to the store. As I was pulling out of my driveway the phone rang and it was Kris saying he was on his way to the house and would take care of it today. He showed up about 20 minutes later and 20 minutes after that had me up and running.

This level of customer service is WAY beyond what I had hoped for and far exceeded my expectations. Kris deserves to be rewarded for his professionalism and customer-first attitude. Kris personifies the high-level of service that Sunfire is known for within the community.

Thanks, Happy/Warm Sunfire Customer

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